The Odd Couple - Special Edition

The Odd Couple - Special Edition

About The Odd Couple
The Odd Couple is a short documentary about the challenges faced by two triathletes. Jeff is a below the knee amputee and an Ironman finisher while Parvin, a follower of the Sikh faith struggles to find a balance between maintaining identity and the rigors of training to be an athlete. Contrasting their challenges, the documentary honestly explores the similarities in their motivation.
The movie brings to life Jeff and Parvin’s inspiring friendship and their positive attitude to achieve their dream of being a triathlete despite their daily struggles. In telling their story, the film transcends cultural and demographic barriers and has a universal appeal.

Film Festival Selections
Phoenix International Film Festival 2015, Melbourne, Australia
SIFF 2014, Toronto, Canada
SikhLens 2014, Los Angeles, USA
Bollywood International Film Festival 2015, Columbia, USA
SLFF Bay Area 2015, San Jose, USA
Special Invited Screening:
Parliament of World Religions, 2015, Salt Lake City, USA

From the Director
The film deals in multiple contrasts: both Jeff and Parvin look totally unlike each other; there’s disability vs. able-bodied theme playing throughout. Jeff is an amputee by choice and Parvin is Sikh by choice. Equality between two humans of different cultures, race and ethnicity is captured through the cinematic lens. Yet, I wanted the audience to place themselves in either of Jeff’s or Parvin’s shoes, look at their own lives from that perspective, and ask themselves if their own challenges are surmountable? By the end of the 15 minutes, they probably will have an answer and what they do with that answer is unto them.

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The Odd Couple - Special Edition

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